Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Unfinished Business

Inspired by a friend's new year's declaration of unfinished projects (and accompanying pledge to work them down), I've been going through my things and identifying projects that in still in an "in progress" state.  Most of them were simply set aside at some point, for no particular reason.  Some of them haven't actually been started, but are "committed" materials or plans.  Some of them will take less than 15 minutes to finish up, some an unestimatable amount of time.  Some I will absolutely use once they're done, some I know I don't want to finish.

The purpose of this post is to provide some external accountability. Everything will be listed, with a time estimate.  Anything other than "epic" (because, really, there are some projects I don't intend to abandon, but know I won't finish this year) will either be finished, or passed on to someone else who will finish and use the item.

I may be using my "secret sock bag" technique of combating decision fatigue, at least for the small projects. That has yet to be determined.

Apologies, my phone takes really uneven pictures.  Some are great, some are terrible, and I'm not unpacking the box just to re-photograph right now.

Here we go.

15 minute projects (or: next time I touch this, I'm just getting it done.)

 Silk shirt, being made into a pillow cover.  Need to cut to size and sew.

 T-shirt shrug, experimental pattern.  Need to open up the sleeve seam and add a gusset, it's too tight around the upper arm.

 Linen coif: old ties came off in the wash.  New ties need attaching.

Ramie thrift store chemise/underdress: remove side zipper, replace buttons with something less plastic.

 Forehead cloth: sew linen lining, ties at corners. 

Silk/rayon burnout velvet scarf.  Needs lining sewn.  (Note: Someone else can do this.)

Noro Spatwarmers: Ends need weaving in, want to weigh for accurate yardage, and photograph while wearing for Ravelry pattern page.  Once all that's done, free to a good home.

2 hour projects (Or: This can easily get done in one sitting.)

 Handwoven swatch. Make a pouch or two? 
 Socks, ran out of yarn.  Have supplemental yarn, so I either need to finish the socks, or re-do them (I'm not totally happy with the pattern.)

 Linen undershirt, in need of mending.
 Microfiber twill skirt, actually a very nice teal color.  Finished other than a side closure (buttons were planned, could be a zipper) too small now, needs a new home.
 Hand felted pouch.  Needs fastening, decoration.
 Handwoven fabric.  Needs finishing (secure warp threads, shrink), make into pouch?
 Felt...bits. Need some stiffening, and then a new home.
Shalwar, for a friend.  Find out if she still wants them, otherwise find a new home.
 Linen coif, needs assembly.
 An old favorite t-shirt, sadly shrunken vertically.  Needs inset of awesome stripes at midriff and biceps.
 Handwoven cloth.  Moar pouches?
 Socks, slightly too short in the calf to stay up.  Need alteration.  Also, button attached.
 Old strappy sundress, to become a skirt.
 Handwoven cloth. WHAT DOES IT WANT TO BE?!?  Could be towels, could be bags. still don't know.
 Handwoven cloth.  See above.  Could be any number of things. What *should* it be?
 Holes in shoulders to be patched with nice black leather.
 fleece plushie. Needs assembly.
 Pattern test of leggings.  Needs elastic inserted into the waist to be wearable.
Wool hood, needs tail extension, buttons.  I have no interest in finishing this, it needs a new home.

Fighter pants, not the best patterning.  Can be fixed, are they still wanted?

Five hour projects (Or: this can easily get done in one day, but is too much for one sitting.)

This is a really soft, merino tank top that I really love...speckled with moth holes.  My first thought was to cover the holes (and secure the loose knitting) with a stitch and a sequin, but sequins aren't really my thing.  My second thought was to do visible darning, coming out kind of weird.  So now I'm a little stuck: is it even worth finishing? It's so soft, though!
 Wool damask hat.  Not nearly as top-hattish in real life, just needs finishing.
Handwoven wrap: another moth casualty.  Darn and....wear?  Make into a skirt (as originally intended?) Darn and decide.

...or, given the whole postapocalyptic thing, maybe DON'T darn?!? Live dangerously!
 Wool hat blank, to be steamed over the hat form, to make an Elizabethan tall hat.  Just do the thing.  (Will then require trimming, I'm counting that as a separate project.)
 Grey sheet, to be made into a weighted blanket, like a year ago.  Oops.  Does the person still want it?
 An assortment of wool hose in various stages of completion. Worth finishing???
 Marvelous sweater in need of darning.  Maybe also in need of replacing previous darning, now that I have a better idea what I'm doing.  Damn moths.
 Embroidered slippers.  Will I wear them?  They may go very well with another unfinished project...
 Silk waist cincher.  I adore this silk.
Travel bobbin-lace box. I need to remove the hinges and move them to the other side, so that the two halves of the box lie flat when it's open.  The hinges are nailed in, with the ends of the nails bent over like a staple, which is making removal difficult.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to take the dremmel to it.  I've bent a piece of balsa to match the curve, to be a lid for the lower section.  The lace bolster will sit at the top of the curve in the upper section.

8 Hour projects (or, more than one day, but the end is in sight)

 Fox paws sock.  There's a mistake somewhere.  I've ripped out the same row several times, and I need to take the time to sit down and work with no distractions.
 Hand-sewn Elizabethan doublet.  I'm never going to wear this, I don't have the rest of the outfit it went with anymore.  Time to go.

Red linen gothic fitted dress, hand-stitched. While I was working on this, a felt-tip pen escaped and stained it in a few places.  I mostly got it out, but that stopped me working on it, and now this isn't the sort of thing I wear anymore.  Needs a new home.  

 Italian Ropa, needs black velvet bands sewn down (by hand), sleeves attached, edges bound with silk bias.
Rose shawl. About half done. Needs finishing.

Epic projects (No end in sight!)

 A hat knit from special yarn for a friend.  I need to follow up (on a few finishing decisions) and get to work.
 Handwoven fabric. WHAT TO DO WITH IT?!? I DO NOT KNOW!!!

decisions are hard, yo.
 Handspun rainbow sweater.  I need to spin more red/orange/yellow before getting started.
 Celestarium shawl.  This one's cool: It's an accurate(-ish) star chart for the northern hemisphere!  Pain in the ass to knit, though, I'm not sure I'm going to get through it.
 purples spinning project!  --ongoing, I have a sweater in mind for it, but am in no hurry.
 T-Shirt quilts and jeans rag rug.  Mostly collecting materials at this point, though I think I do have enough for a "places I don't work anymore" quilt for my husband.
 Handwoven fabric.  This one's going to be hard. I love the weave, but don't love the process.  I need to let it go, re-thread to something more forgiving, so I can weave with joy again.

 Thrift store skirt: seemed interestingly postapocalyptish, so it's earmarked for modification, but I'm still waiting for inspiration.

 darning a burned hole in the sleeve of a cote.  The original owner didn't want it mended, thought it would be too obvious, so this was all about proving him wrong.  worth finishing?  ...I suspect not.
 Italian Ren segmented sleeves.  No dress to go with them.  This isn't so much an epic work in progress accessory needing a home?  I'm not even sure.  It's taking up space in my house and in my mind, and that's what I need to work on.
 Silk chiffon 30s gown, in lavender and gray.  Disassembled for cleaning and to pull a pattern.  Needs reassembly.  And possibly a new home.
 silk appliques; fun shapes, fun colors, my technique had severe flaws and I'm not going to use them.  Free to a good home.
 Dye swatches from a major project, trying to tune in to the perfect color.  I had thoughts of using them all in a single project, but that's not realistically going to happen (inspiration hasn't struck) so I'm passing them on.  These have a new home already.
 Blackwork embroidered coifs: my first effort on the right, done with cotton on cotton, got spilled on and bled.  The second attempt, on the left, just got boring. 

Blackwork handkerchief.  Impossibly small.  I'm not finishing this.
 Felt Elizabethan flat cap.  The scale is way off, the workmanship not good.  The top might make good insoles?  Cut it up for scrap!
 Silk batt (mostly), dyed with the leftovers from the sampling above.  I want to blend these together and spin them.  I don't have a specific project in mind for the result.
 Silk bits from banner making!  I thought I'd cut these into ribbons, join them, dye them, and knit them like yarn.  I'm not going to.  Anybody want this?
 More silk bits from banner making!  Only these are banner-sized.  I need to dry clean to remove the old yellowed gutta, and make new banners.  Or something.
 disintigrating dress from the 30s.  Need to take a pattern, assess long-term storage needs.
 ???  I was going to make a cotehardie out of terrible knit fabric?  Garbage.
 Ooooh, this project.  I've had this for sooooo long.  I've long since fallen out of contact with the person it belongs to.  I'm going to have to do significant digging to find him, to find out if he still wants it.
 I think this shirt goes with the above doublet?
 Embroidery on the gown to go with the Florentine Ropa way above.
 Shibori sample.  Could be a scarf, if someone wanted a scarf.  I have no idea what to do with this.  Just keep it, I guess.
 I had an idea for tiny knitted critters made from mix-and-match parts.  These are sample parts.  The yarn wasn't the best choice, and doesn't show detail as well as I'd hoped.  So...critter parts.
...a sleeve?  A single linen sleeve.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Not pictured, but also epic:
The beekeeper's quilt, an ongoing modular knit I don't expect to actually finish ever
A quilt made from naturally dyed silk noil, with leafy quilt blocks.  I know I need to make a few more blocks, and I had some thoughts on layout, but not necessarily answers.

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  1. You are a champion. And an inspiration. I should do a similar reckoning.


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